What Is Responsive web design?

So first of let’s go to the big question about responsive web design (RWD) What is responsive web design? “Responsive web design is a way of the structuring of web elements to automatically adjust to the screen size of the user’s screen size.” Good design is more than just pretty pictures.Good design solves problems, achieves results, […]

Web designer vs web developer

Web designer vs web developer

Hi! guys.Welcome to the guide “web designer vs web developer”. So let’s get into the subject. Who is a web designer? Types of web designers All the web designers come into three types UX designer, UI designer, Visual Designer UX (User Experience Designer) Designer The work of UX designer is to make your website visitors […]

What is SEO? (The beginner’s guide)

Alright, now you are in a hurry to know what SEO is? So we have made this guide for complete beginners. so LET’S get into the subject. What is SEO? The word SEO simply stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a way of driving targeted traffic through search engines(google,bing,baidu). so Here I […]

On-Page SEO that tactics work on 2019

Over the past years, Google has released several search algorithms to instruct people like you and me, how to structure our website for higher rankings. For example, there are algorithms panda, penguin, Hummingbird and rank brain. Some years back keyword density is used to rank websites but after the release of these updates, SEO is […]