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Who is a web designer?

web designer working

A web designer is someone who creates content for websites. They use high technologies to make webpage content more interactive. Web designers mostly use programming languages like Html, Css, Boostrap3.

When you enter into the website the first thing you notice is the web site’s design, interface. So if your website gets more conversations then excellent web design is very important for your website than anything.

Types of web designers

All the web designers come into three types UX designer, UI designer, Visual Designer

UX (User Experience Designer) Designer

The work of UX designer is to make your website visitors happy.

They craft your website to keep your website visitors happy and enjoy while working.

They do this by researching and implementing new ways and get metrics of how your users interact.

This process makes your website keep developing.


UI (User interface ) Designer

A UI Designer improves the way how people interact with elements and interface of your website.

The hardest part is to bring brand ides into real. UX designers do a major role in how your website looks and feels.

Visual Designer

A visual designer is UX+UI cause they don’t just design your website. They solve problems with your brand’s style and your website.

They are very important in getting your target out of your website.

Who is a web developer?

web developer working

web developer is a programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications using a client–server model.


Web developer makes a web site or a web page work. They use languages like HTML,CSS ,java,ruby,PHP,etc.

If a website doesn’t work then there isn’t any use of having it.

So the main responsibility of a web developer is to make the website work properly.

Furthermore, he needs to collaborate with web designers to make the website perfect for the purpose.

Types of Web developer

There are two types of web developers.

Front-End developer

A front-end developer is the one who takes the design team’s design and writes code to make it work on the web site.

Programming languages needed

Back-End developer

The back end developer is one who works on the website’s server-side to power the website’s database.

Since website speed is an important ranking factor in search engine optimization(SEO).

If you are new to SEO you can read our beginners guide to SEO.

To find out ON- SEO tactics you can read the article ON- SEO tactics that work on 2019.

. It depends on how clean and efficient is the back-end developer’s code to make the work in the fastest way possible.

Front end developers will have a hard time making the code clean and efficient to make the web site load faster.

Programming languages Needed

So then now you will have understood the basics about who is web developer and designers were.

So let’s go a little deep into the subject.

How much does web designers earn?

A basic Google web designer earns approximately $50k-$ 90k.How was the deal?

But it almost depends on how much experience you have and what is your skill level.

According to Skillcrush,

on the US according to experience level,

According to geography,

It’s just only for working for a company but you can earn more than this by doing consultations with other companies.

So the subject gets more interesting now.

How much does a web developer earn?

On Facebook averagely a web developer earns $ 251,979. Big number right?

According to Indeed.com averagely us junior web developer earns $53,155 per year.

Pretty impressive!

US front end developers with 3+ years make $ 108,409.

Based on geography,

Devigner (A new job)

Devigner is equal to web designer +Web developer.So if you want to be a web designer and Web developer then you will be called Devigner.

COOOL right?

But being a Devigner is not that much easy . You should master almost every programming language out there.

But nothing impossible until you think you can’t.

So if you want to be a Devigner Keep working on your self, Improving your Skills . It will bring you the success you need.


Task Who you need?
HOME page designWeb designer
Contact FormsWeb developer
Pop UpsWeb developer
Branded DesignWeb designer
Creating DatabaseWeb developer
Creating Header and FooterWeb designer
FIx images and videosWeb designer

Brief Description About Some Programming Languages

What is a programming language?

Programming languages are a set of instructions and functions used to command a computer to do a specific task.

HTML(needed for both web design and development)

HTML language

The word HTML refers to “hypertext markup language “.

HTML is like a skeleton for the website because it makes the website’s basic objects like body, Heading, paragraphs, Inserting Images.

In HTML the elements are represented be <>tags. Every HTML page starts with <html> tag and finishes with </html>.

Each consists of an opening tag <> and a closing tag</>.

To study html you can refer to w3schools.com it has a lot of resources to educate you.

CSS (needed for both web design and development)

Studying Css

The word CSS stands for cascading style sheets.

If HTML is Skelton of the website then CSS can be described as the skin and hair of your website. Because it makes your website look and feels better.

CSS commands HTML how it needs to look.

By using CSS you can craft your website’s header, image eefects, alignment, Font-Size, Fonts, Background and more.

Html and CSS are like one home brothers if there is css then there will be the CSS.

As a beginner, these two languages are more important than others in webdesign and development.

If you need expertise in Webdesign and web development then you need to get the whole knowledge on these subjects.

To study Html and CSS with your phone you can use the Sololearn app its available for all android and ios devices.

Java Script (needed for both web design and development mostly neede for web developer)

Working on java script

Java script is like the commander of your website. He commands HTML and CSS how they need to work.

Java script can calculate, manipulate and validate data.

You can use javascript to insert scrolling video, popups, forms and more.

to make a basic web site you should have some knowledge of these three languages.

I hope this guide will have brought you the needed information for the subject “web design vs web development”.


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