Responsive design look.
Website Look In Various Devices.

So first of let’s go to the big question about responsive web design (RWD)

What is responsive web design?

“Responsive web design is a way of the structuring of web elements to automatically adjust to the screen size of the user’s screen size.”

Good design is more than just pretty pictures.
Good design solves problems, achieves results, and communicates a message effectively.

-Neil Patel

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So now we can understand how web design is so important. So the creation of design which suits your business is the most important thing when it comes to web design.

before diving in deep, I want to ask you a question.

Do you like websites that you have to zoom in and out to get information or a web site that automatically adjusts according to your device screen size?

Answer exactly the website which adjusts according to the screen size. So here comes the responsive web design into action.

In 2015 82% of the internet uses RWD(Responsive Web Design) For their business.

Charts below will show you how the use of the internet through mobile devices will change.

use of internet through mobiles.(need of responsive web design)
Usage of the internet according to devices.
Use of internet through mobile devices by 2025(efect of responsive web design)
Use of internet through mobile devices by 2025

WARC estimates that 2 billion people using mobile devices to access the internet which is equal to 51% of the internet in 2019.

By 2025 nearly 3.6 billion people alone going to use the mobile phone to access the internet.

So this the opportunity for businesses to use mobile internet facility boom up their business.

Benefits of Responsive web design

There a lot of benefits to investing in responsive web design but here I go through the most important benefits of using responsive web design.

Boost for mobile traffic

We know that this year 2 billion people are using mobile devices to access the internet.

So having a web site designed for mobile users can be brilliant. Not only but also mobile usability is one of google’s ranking factors. Then having responsive pages can be used for your SEO too. If you are new to SEO you can read our article on beginners’ guide to SEO and also the article about on-page SEO.

Today most businesses using a separate layout for mobile phones.

This is how our web site looks on mobile and PCs.

We are using the amp technology to make separate pages like this but our non-amp pages also responsive so without any problems, one can visit our website form all devices.

Higher conversations.

In the online world, websites are mirrors that reflect your business to customers.

If they like your website then they like you. If they like you they more likely to buy from you. So if you give a better user experience through all devices then there is more chance for conversations.

If users occur any errors while browsing the site then they less likely to convert so responsive design affects your website’s conversation rate.

So keeping an eye on your web site’s responsiveness can benefit you more on increasing the conversation rate.

Faster Pages

As I mentioned above Page is speed is the most important google’s ranking factor. If you can improve your website’s speed then you going to rank higher on google and going get more traffic and likely more sales.

The lower need for maintenance

Maintaining a separate mobile designed website needs more work and more maintenance. So instead you can use responsive design to have a 2 in one solution. If your visitor from PC or Moblie your web site going to perform optimally.

So having a responsive design can give you some extra time to do other activities.

Lower Bounce Rate

If you can provide a better user experience then the people are less likely to bounce out of your website. They are going to spend a long period of time on your website this sends google the user-friendly response so then google going to give you a rank boost and you are going to get more customers.

Tricks and Tips for Responsive Web Design

If you are want to go through to improve your website’s responsiveness then here are some tips and tricks for you.

Review your Analytics Report(Planing)

There are a lot of analytics tools out on the internet. I prefer Google Analytics because you can get an in-depth idea about your website.

Planing design through analytics

After analyzing your report you can find out how your website visitors are going on.

From there you can think of how people use your website in various devices.

With the report, you will find out which of your website elements suites perfect for your website’s responsiveness. And which you need have to improve.

Optimize Images

You should have to make sure if your website’s images are optimal for your mobile layout.

To make a great user experience you have to properly structure your images. Not only but also you have to make sure how fast your images loads.

To optimize images you have to make sure the quality of your image have to be good while with a small size.

If you are in WordPress you can use a plugin called SMUSH by WPMU DEV.

Install and activate it for your dashboard.

Wordpress Image optimization for responsive design
Smush Dashboard

And go to the smush dashboard. There you can find a bulk smush option.

Bulk image optimization in wordpress for responsive web design
Bulk Smush

From there you can optimize all your images.

If you are not in WordPress you can use a tool like

Image optimization for responsive web design Home

There you can upload your images and get back optimized. With this tool, you can adjust image quality and optimization rate.

Improve Typography

Typography is the soul of your web site it shows your story to the world so you have to make sure your website’s typography is easy to read on all sized devices.

The best typography size according to experts is 16px and you have to adjust your heading sizes accordingly.

Pro tip: Don’t use decorative fonts especially in your website’s navigation because they are hard to read in small devices.

Use Better Frame Work

You can save a lot of time if you can insert responsiveness into your workflow.

For a better mobile experience, you can use the Bootstrap framework to design your website.

bootstrap frame work
bootstrap framework

If you are in WordPress you can use premade themes made with bootstrap technology if you need to call it yourself.

Make Sure call to action button works properly

In most web site’s the mistake they make is” call-to-action buttons not working properly”

Call-To-Action buttons are so important online business because you get leads by call-to-action buttons. Let’s if a customer likes your web site and your product wants to purchase fro his mobile device. He clicked on the filled out credit/debit card details and clicked pay now button but the button is not working. So then? What happened? You have just lost a lead.

So making sure all your Call-To-Action buttons work properly on all devices.

How to check if your web site is responsive?

Alright, you have made all changes to your website to make it responsive. So then do you check it if everything is right?

Here are a few tools to check the responsiveness of your website.

Google Mobile-friendly test

Google mobile-friendly test is a good way to get an in-depth analysis of your website’s mobile-friendliness.

Google Mobile Friendly Test
Google mobile-friendly test

Test us:

You can see the result of us by tapping on the image.

Put your URL in and wait for results. If you pass the audit you will get a green tik. If you don’t they will give you reasons for why your website hasn’t passed the audit. So you can make corrections.

Responsivewebdesignchecker is a good tool to check your website’s looks in various devices. There are a lot of device screens like i6,s10, Ipad air So you can see various ways on how your website looks. results results

Put your domain into search bar and check it out from various devices. By using this tool you can find out how you can improve user experience in various devices.

I hope this article has helped you. Leave thoughts in comments. Have a nice day.

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