Alright, now you are in a hurry to know what SEO is?

So we have made this guide for complete beginners.

so LET’S get into the subject.

What is SEO?

The word SEO simply stands for search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a way of driving targeted traffic through search engines(google,bing,baidu).

so Here I think that now you have got the basic idea of what SEO is.

Now let’s go some deeper into the subject.

Why you need SEO?

There are a lot of people out there searching on various topics in various ways.

But with SEO you are going to target a group of audiences

who you are going to drive to your web site.

Below a infographics shows how much traffic websites get through search and other sources.

So we can understand that 34% of traffic comes from search.

Averagely google gets 5.4 trillion searches an hour.

Its a really big number.

So now you can come to a conclusion about how important SEO is for your web site.

So now let’s get into the subject how the search engines work.

How do search engines work?

Whenever you search on google or in other search engines there will be algorithms working in real-time to bring you the best result.

especially google searches its billions of crawled pages to answer your search.


Let’s say you search for “cakes”, then you should get pages about cakes not about “pizza”.

So google looks for most relevant pages related to your search keyword. Even though google doesn’t rank most related articles on top because there can millions of relevant pages on the internet.

for example, the word “cakes” brings 2,630,000,000 pages at a time.

So Google uses some more algorithms and rules to bring you the “best’ result.

So now let’s look at some of the main ranking factors used by most of the search engines.


On-page SEO is the functions and actions which happens on your website.

Here I will give you some details on on-page seo factors.

Title tag

The title is the object which says the search engines what is your website/page is about.

For best SEO practices you should keep it under 50-60 characters.

there you should your targeted keyword for best results.

Meta description

Meta descriptions are used to say search engines a bit more about what your page looks like and what your page is about.

Than search engines, human users used read meta descriptions before clicking on the link.

So your meta-descriptions should be appealing.

Internal links

Internal links are used to link to pages inside your website.

Building links or hyperlinks will Help your website rank higher and keeps your visitors inside your website.


Subheadings not just help users understand your website also they help search engines understand your website well.

Image ALT tag

Image alt text is used if your website can’t display the image it will display the alternative text.

And this tag can help search engines rank you for images and get you more and more traffic.

So on-page SEO is an important factor that makes your website stand out from the competition.

So you should improve your on-page SEO skills to get more traffic.


On the on-page SEO’s scenario you have full control of it . But there also some off-page elements which can impact your rankings


a backlink is which websites link to your websites.

So you should care about this subject.

To get more backlinks you should try to improve your content quality and try to build a relationship with influencers


Even if your content is relative, Google checks if it’s useful.

Let’s say for the word “cake ” the website “A” ranks on the top.

But users on the internet used to click and stay on the 2nd ranked website “B”.

Google gets the signal so google sends the website “B” to the top.

So you should try to improve your use of your website content.

Best SEO practices for beginners

Write Longer Content

Writing longer content can be annoying, but it will be a boost for your website to get higher rankings.

Your contents should be longer than 2000 words while being higher in quality

Neil patel

and also a joint study between Backlinko and Buzzumo ,after analysing 912 million blog posts they found that how longer content effect backlinks and Shares.

So from now, you should start writing longer content. So you can give your site an SEO boost.

#Keyword Research

By doing keyword research, you can see the average number of times someone searches for the specific keyword phrases in Google each month.

To get best keyword ideas you should pun your self into the shoes of your customers.

example: Sam needs someone to decorate his home for a birthday party.He goes to Google and types birthday decoration services near me.

So here you should understand if you are the customer how you would use Google to search.

So here Sam uses the phrase “birthday decoration services” .But there could be thousands of other keywords which used to find the same topic.

To get more keyword suggestions you can use the tool called Ubersuggest.

Go to Ubersugest and input your keyword.

after that, you will get detailed analytics about the keyword.

by scrolling down you can find all other keyword ideas well detailed.

Rather than using highly competitive keywords you can use something which has a decent search volume and less competition.As a beginner you could get more traffic from this tactic.

Optimize images

Images highly impact your website’s speed so minimizing the size of the images can improve your websites load time.

There are lots of tools out there to compress images.

One of my favourites is Smush if you are in WordPress you can use this plugin to compress your images.

Its a super easy plugin to compress your images very fast.

You can compress 50 images at a time with bulk smush.

If you are not in WordPress you can use tools like Optimizilla or

I believe this article have helped you in understanding the basics of SEO

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